Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Cousins

Haven and Ella have been enjoying each other's company this week. However, it has led to a bit of regression on Haven's part. I had the privilege of babysitting Ella for a few hours while David and Christine went skiing (then I joined them and we left the kids to their own devices--Haven's old enough to care for herself and Ella.) Actually, my parent's came up, but the first story sounds more interesting). So, while I was in charge, I set up the swing for Ella. But, guess who thought she should be in the swing?
And, the paci? She's never cared for them because she loves her two fingers. Fortunately, Christine brought one for both "babies." I turned the swing on and let Haven cocoon herself for awhile. She was quite comfy in there.

Ella is the easiest baby. She's only fussy when she eats. Which is ironic because based on her size you'd think she'd love it.

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