Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt...

She didn't break my nose at the end, it just felt like it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Not to Discipline

Here's a video of Haven pulling out all the stops right before nap time. It is also a very good example of my finely honed disciplinary skills. I have difficulty not laughing when Haven is naughty. We're working on it. The other day I discovered that I can cover my smile with my hand, close my eyes, and pretend like I am crying. I wonder if James Dobson teaches that particular skill set? If he doesn't, he should.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's My Girl

I have an addiction. Besides reading books and writing, my newest addiction is the salsa from El Parasol in Santa Fe. It's got a red chile base and oh, my, Gosh, it is the spiciest salsa I have ever eaten. It may rival Sadie's. Except that it's about ten times better. I start craving it and Chris has about a week to satisfy my urge before he's taking me at seven in the evening--when Haven should be in bed--in order for me to main-line with a bowl (of salsa) and chips.

It's taken me a week, but I finally polished off a quart (I buy it in bulk now) and threw the container in the trash can. I keep honey nearby, some tissue to wipe my nose, and I try to distract myself with a magazine so that I can keep eating it without stopping. Because once you stop--it's over with. Yes, I have a problem. No, I don't plan on seeking help for it.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom doing my hair and heard a bunch of sniffling and sighing. I walked out to see that Haven had dug the quart container out of the trash and was drinking the salsa like soup. Her eyes were red and watering and she looked up at me surprised. I was so proud of her. I let her dip a chip in once and that was the last time she asked for me to share it. Apparently she was just waiting until my back was turned. That's my girl.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parasitic Princess?

My little creek wader/drinker. You've been fighting a stomach bug ever since we returned from Boone. Your daddy being a certified doctor/toxicologist/knows too much-er (yes, there is a certificate for that) thought that you may have contracted giardia from drinking creek water while we were on our trip. It could happen. You drink bird bath water, dog water, creek water, water from the swimming pool. Need I go on?

After a week and a half of no improvement Chris convinced me to take you to the pediatrician. I did. She didn't think that you had a parasite, but she did say if it didn't clear up that I needed to get you tested for it. Five days later you appear to be over whatever was ailing you. I think you've lost some weight and you didn't have much to lose.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Helper Haven

We have a guest this weekend of the furry, floppy eared variety.
Haven is a huge help as you can imagine. She and the bunny (Feffer) share food.
And, a home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boone, I Love You!

Family Pic at my cousin, Amy's farm
My folks riding on the Virginia Creeper Trail (which was so pretty)--they were one of a few people who didn't wreck.
Haven wading naked in the creek off the Virginia Creeper Trail eating an ice-cream. This was shortly before she fell and the ice-cream took a dip in the water. Still good enough to eat, though.
Just starting out on our ride.
Hiking Grandfather Mountain--we discovered blueberries and blackberries and Haven LOVED them. She was eating them as fast as we could pick them.

View from Springhouse Farm