Saturday, December 25, 2010

If I Had Followed Through....

with my intention of making Christmas cards you may have received one that looked like this:

or this: (I'm in the light because I'm much holier than the rest of my family). You can't see my halo because there's a bit of a shadow above my head. But, it's there. I assure you.
I asked my brother to take a few of us today because we never get family photos taken. Chris has to practically be bound and gagged in order to comply (which would make a very strange looking photo, I think). Today, though, it was both of those hoodlums who refused to comply. Out of a dozen Haven was cooperating in two. And, Chris, although outwardly complying, was not. Let me assure you. We couldn't take video because you can't send that very easily in a Christmas card and the griping that ensued when asked if he would grace us with his face for a picture was downright grinchy. We are talking about 5 minutes of sitting still and pasting a fake smile on your face. It's not like I asked him if we could burn the fingerprints off his hand or something.

Regardless of the picture debacle, we had a great Christmas. If you were family I probably made you a pillow. My friend, Faerl, and I worked like dogs making pillows before and after Thanksgiving.
One very good reason I didn't get pictures taken and sent. Plus there's this little almost-two-year old that keeps me busy.

Merry Christmas, ya'll! Hope it was special.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Cousins

Haven and Ella have been enjoying each other's company this week. However, it has led to a bit of regression on Haven's part. I had the privilege of babysitting Ella for a few hours while David and Christine went skiing (then I joined them and we left the kids to their own devices--Haven's old enough to care for herself and Ella.) Actually, my parent's came up, but the first story sounds more interesting). So, while I was in charge, I set up the swing for Ella. But, guess who thought she should be in the swing?
And, the paci? She's never cared for them because she loves her two fingers. Fortunately, Christine brought one for both "babies." I turned the swing on and let Haven cocoon herself for awhile. She was quite comfy in there.

Ella is the easiest baby. She's only fussy when she eats. Which is ironic because based on her size you'd think she'd love it.

Monday, December 13, 2010


got to meet my niece, Ella Keagy for the first time. I didn't get to see my brother, but he probably wouldn't have gotten any attention anyway. Because Miss Ella kinda steals the show. She's 4 months old and half of Haven's weight. It always blows me away how skinny my little girl is. She really liked Ella. But, she was so busy eating all day I didn't get any shots of her holding her cousin. And, she confused Ella with her other cousin Greyson. She's not real good with gender yet. This is my naughty, adorable little girl in a box. She loves boxes.
Funny story: we were at a friend's house last night. They have a little boy who is about 5 months older than Haven. They were playing in his room and it got awfully quiet. Which usually means that they are up to something. I took my shoes off and snuck down the hall, peeked around the corner, and spotted them in Gabe's crib. They'd climbed into the crib, Gabe had his arms around Haven and was kissing her. It was really cute and sweet. And, won't fly in a few years so they'd better live it up. Haven just sat there and stared at him. Maybe it wasn't quite as romantic a moment for her as it was for him? Which is usually the case between men and women if you ask me.