Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Neck of the Woods

Chris is back from a week long trip to Salt Lake City. I had a glorious week staying at my parent's house and feeling like I was on vacation. Most of my nausea and tiredness has dissipated. Not all, but enough for me to feel like I'm human again. And, enough so that the Jane-sized indention on the couch is beginning to fade. Ugh, I dislike the 1st trimester of pregnancy so much.

I reached the 12 week mark while Chris was away. Had a doc appointment where we heard the heart-beat again, and because it is getting increasingly difficult to hide the fact that I'm pregnant, I told the world. In case you don't have Facebook, then I guess you are just finding out.

I had a cute way of telling Chris that I was pregnant. At least, I thought it was cute. We found out rather soon that I was, but I'd been cooking this idea ever since we decided we wanted Haven to have a sibling. I sent him an email with this picture:
It was my t-shirt when I was a baby. I thought it was a clever and memorable way of sharing the news. But, here is how he acted:
He wasn't sure if the t-shirt was just something I put on Haven that day or if there was a message. He did respond positively after I told him it was true.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chris & Haven's 1st time at the Zoo

I've had quite the blogging lull lately. I've actually considered giving it up. Because Chris hasn't been providing nearly enough material lately for me to laugh at. I'm not going to retire it completely yet, so in the meantime, here are some pictures from the weekend.

I somehow convinced my animal-hating husband (well, maybe he doesn't hate them, but he certainly doesn't like them) to take Haven and I to the zoo. It was too pretty not to be outside this Friday. He told me he hated zoos, but I'm pretty sure that when we were watching the little baby orangutan playing and rolling around and showing off that he had a smile on his face.
And here is my little stinker of a daughter, who, when you tell her to smile for the camera, does what she thinks is "smiling." She's just a tad bit ornery.

Birthday Card Dance

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haven Turns Two

It's Haven's Birthday Weekend. She had some special guests. Below are Carrie and Jacob and Cora and Lulu (a Trudy Lou look alike).Haven had a birthday breakfast cooked by these sketchy looking characters. Despite the sketchiness, it was a delicious breakfast.
Cora was all pooped out from the festivities and fell asleep on her Auntie.
Haven's Aunt Hannah was here too and she gave Haven a birthday tiara. And, somehow, at two years old she seemed to know that this day was ALL about her.