Saturday, January 29, 2011


Haven rode the carousel at the mall for the first time. She loved it. This weekend we are enjoying Nick and Jenny's company. As well as Baby Greyson. Haven especially enjoys her little cousin. She loves babies. Especially when we take out all her old toys--she thinks they are more fun this time around. Just like with Ella, she's been in Greyson's car-seat (ironic because she hates her car seat). I set up the play mat this morning. And, thank goodness, stumbled across some pacifiers I'd put away ages ago when Haven decided she preferred her two fingers. She still prefers them, but if we have a baby around things are different.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 All Over Again

I don't usually do this, but I thought I'd reflect on this past year. It seems to have gone by so fast that I felt like I should remember what has happened. If only because other people do that and I want to be like other people sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

I can't really believe that a year ago I was still getting up with Haven numerous times in a night. Despite, or maybe because of, my sleep deprived state, I came up with the How McKean Are You Test. Truly a significant achievement.

Chris made some fantastic pottery in February and proved once again that he is much more creative than I am. Which is annoying because he's pretty good at everything.

In March my baby turned one year old. I can't believe that in a few months we will celebrating number 2! It goes by so fast.

My grandpa died in March. He wasn't in the best of health, but he died alone having pulled off his oxygen mask. I don't care to think about what it would be like to die not being able to breathe.

Chris took me to eat goat for the first time at a hole in the wall African restaurant in Amarillo. You know you are in for a memorable experience when the owners look at you curiously as you come through the door and the one other patron tries to warn you that you will be eating goat. Good times! The food really wasn't bad, but I'm a pretty adventurous eater.

Chris broke his foot (again). Cut his cast off and then put it back on again. He's really the smarter of the two of us, but sometimes I think he experiences a testosterone surge and for those few moments I am the genius.

I got to watch Nathan Taylor come into this world. Something that I will always remember with awe. One of the greatest things I've ever seen. Sure, I was there when my baby was born, but it's something quite different when you are not the one in pain.

Chris and two of his brothers went on a mountain biking trip to Moab. Two of my sister-in-laws came and stayed with me. We had a blast. I can't say what we did or what we discussed because it is all very top secret.

This month I went to Cali with Haven, my parents, and my grandma. It was fun girl-time. Chris's Papa died while I was there. As soon as we flew back, we took a road trip to attend the funeral in Texas. Not a good year for grandparents.

I took up road biking in a big way. Attempting 100 miles in the ABQ century ride. It was not meant to be. After an hour late start, going miles out of the way because the route wasn't well marked, and 107! degree temp that day, my friend, Maren and I only accomplished 75. But, it started an addiction.

My brother-in-law, Aaron married Eileen over the 4th of July weekend. I got trapped in a taxi cab during a flood for what felt like hours without a workable cell phone. In Houston. During the rehearsal dinner. Which is why I now own an iphone. Because after all the bitching, I mean, politely asking, my husband for a phone that worked over and over again, he gave in. I mean, he sweetly bought me one.

Haven and I accompanied Chris to Keystone, CO where he had a conference. I had a blast. Chris and Haven? Not so much. Haven tried to kill herself by falling down stairs, testing the strength of an iron chair with her forhead, etc. Chris had to conference for three days. I bought some cute baby stuff and ate crepes.

We took a real family vacation to Boone, NC where my cousin and aunt live. Alot of my dad's side of the family made up a very nice reunion. It was so incredibly beautiful. There were some wonderful down home moments with fiddlers on the porch and fresh from the farm food. I loved it there.

My first niece, Eliana (Ella) was born. Although I had to wait a long time to be able to see her.
My first nephew, Greyson was born. I'm really racking them up.

Took a trip south to Kingston, NM over Labor Day where Chris and Haven and I stayed in an old B&B in a town that boasts 6 residents. It was lovely.

Finally, FINALLY finished 100 miles in the Enchanted Circle Century. After 3 centuries I made it. From Red River to Taos to Angel Fire and back to RR. I actually thought I might die on the last hill. My chest started hurting. Finally figured out that it was the muscles in my chest that hurt from breathing so hard for so long. I had a great time with 3 of my co-riders afterwards. We stayed in Eagle Nest, NM and ate pizza and drank beer (well, that was me). And told off a rude lady at a bar (yep, me too. And, that was before I had a beer). I was hungry. I'd been on my bike for 9 freaking hours.

I can't recall any special occurence this month. Except that for Halloween Haven was a respectable clown instead of an assassinated rapper (she was Tupac last year).

We spent with Chris's family. I ran 3 miles with my sister-in-law Eileen for the first time in about a year. That's an achievement. Chris ate a whole cheesecake in two days. That's an achievement as well.

Finally got to meet little Ella. Haven felt like she should be a baby too. Had a great Christmas with my bro and his wife. Went shopping, ate too much. The usual.

My 2nd little niece was born to Carrie and Jacob in China. I can't wait to meet her!