Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Shower

Sunday our church blessed us with a baby shower for Haven. My wonderful friend, Sarah, was in charge of the occasion, and since Chris has expressed his fears about having a little girl (especially when all of our friends have recently had little boys), the first gift given was a shot gun for him to take aim at prospective suitors.

We were truly overwhelmed by all the gifts we received...I can't wait to dress Haven in her new outfits! She will be the best dressed baby in town. My grandma, Chris's folks, and his brother Nick and wife Jenny were all able to come this weekend as well.
We're so incredibly grateful for the friends and family that we have. Now we just have to wait about 6 more weeks for our little girl to make her debut. Unless she'd like to come a week early, and I'd be OK with that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Nation Under God?

I saw something interesting while I was driving today. The car in front of me had writing on the back window. Something to the effect of "Pray hard America". But the sentences that really jumped out at me were, "America sets the standard for the World. One nation under God." It got me to thinking: do we really think that we set the standard for the World? And if so, why? Because we have more might, power, and money than anyone else? But aren't those qualities worldly, ungodly ways of "setting the standard?" Certainly we have influence over the world because of our wealth and military power. If you've read your Bible even once then you probably know how much Jesus relied on those two attributes saving the World. I can't recall His making a big deal out of either of them...except to say not to rely on them to be a part of His kingdom.

I'm not into the whole America-bashing thing although I think our country certainly has problems. But do we really think that God acts because of what America does? I think He certainly acts because of what His church does---but, I would seriously question anyone who thinks this is a godly country built on godly principles. I think domination and control were more prevalent than loving thy neighbor when this country was established. How many Native Americans died based on "godly principles?" What about slavery? Some slave owners justified their usage of slaves by saying they were bringing the gospel to heathen peoples who had never heard the Good News.

I remember when I was a kid going to church and numerous adult Christians talking about how Jesus was going to come back if Bill Clinton was elected president. It seems a little absurd now; not only because He quite obviously did not return, but because it's silly to think that God moves based on American political happenings. Innocent people were, and still are, dying all over the world from civil wars and poverty and illness...and yet, Bill Clinton was going to single-handedly usher in the return of the King? I was just a kid, so maybe there was more to it than that. Perhaps it had something to do with Israel and the fear that America would no longer be a powerful ally. Surely God doesn't hang His hopes on our political leaders doing the "right" thing.

Does He?

Or maybe it was because Clinton seemed so immoral to us Christians. Thank goodness we haven't had any high profile Christians exposed for immoral behavior! I can't recall anyone mentioning Jesus return looming imminently when a member of His body is publicly redressed.

I guess I say all of this because I really hope the state of the World is not solely dictated by America's standards. It should be based on Christ's standards and frankly, I don't see those as being very prevalent in America or anywhere else for that matter. I agree with the person who felt that urgent prayer is needed, but not so that our nation can get back to it's "godly heritage," but so that we can, as a people of God not affiliated with any nation, act more like Him and bring His love and His kingdom down here.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bird Mobile

For some strange and bizarre reason, I decided to get crafty last month and wanted to make a mobile for Haven's room. I found the idea on this blog and thought I should do it. I'm not a crafty person. Crafts make me crazy like smacking and mispronunciation (as I write that, it occurs to me that perhaps I am crazy--maybe it has nothing to do with activities that annoy me). Anyhoo, I enlisted my mom for help and since I have no sewing machine (thank goodness, that would mean I would have to justify storing one by actually using it--no thank you!). Picking out the material took me quite some time--this is why I don't do well with crafts--because normally I am not a perfectionist, anal person (no offense to all you anal rententives out there---I'm sure someone loves you). But, when I decide to do a project that is completely out of my league, some weird, dormant gene rears it's head, and I maniacally pursue it to it's end.

The sewing machine broke, it took 2 full days to sew and stuff the birds, not to mention begging Chris to drive up to Sandia Peak to get me some white tree branches, and then another 2 nights of assembling the whole contraption. In the end, I think it turned out pretty cute. It only took 3 of us a total of 5 days to finish. My mom mentioned making them and selling them to which I could only look at her with eyes of disbelief and horror. We'd never make enough money for the blood, sweat, and tears it requires to produce such a masterpiece.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last night was our first childbirth class at the hospital. I found the instructor to be quite amusing...especially her lack of humor. When she went around the room and asked each couple what they wanted to get out of the class or what in particular they wanted to learn some of the men had especially funny answers like, I'd like to learn where to park, or I'd like to learn how to breath while my wife labors. My favorite answer though was when one guy told her he wanted to learn breastfeeding. Everyone but the instructor laughed at that. It wasn't that she was snobby, it was just that she was so into what she had to teach that she got this really serious look on her face and told him we were going to go over that in Class 6. I doubt we go over breastfeeding in the way he was wanting. We'll see.

I thought the class was rather nice in that they teach your labor coach how to massage you and breath with you. And they make the guys do all the work. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to stare into each other's eyes and practice deep cleansing breaths without wanting to burst into laughter like a bunch of 8 year olds. At least Chris and I had a hard time. Maybe we're not mature enough to be parents yet, I don't know.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's already January! Where did last month go? Our last guests have just left. We've had family in town for about two weeks, thus the blogging lag. I'm pretty tired, but the house seems very quiet without people in it.

Our Christmas was wonderful. Nice and low key with yummy food. What more can you ask for? My brother, David, and his wife, Christine, were here from Dallas for a week and a half, and my dogs fell in love with them. Trudy didn't even need me while they were here. I wish we got to see them more.

Carrie and Jacob came on New Year's Eve to spend about 5 days with us. We always enjoy our time together. Carrie gave a presentation at our church about their work in China that had Chris and I in tears. It was the picture of Jacob with Hannah when she was about two years old that made me nearly lose it. Darn pregnancy hormones. I hate crying in public.

Well, that about sums up the past two weeks in as little detail as possible! I hope your holiday was extra special.