Friday, May 30, 2008

Ms. Frankenstein

I don't know how many of you watched the video Chris posted regarding America's ridiculous spending (Starbucks, lottery tickets, etc.) when there are people starving, but the thing that really gave me pause was how much we spend on our pets. My dogs don't go to doggy day spa or the groomer...if the man that produced that video had seen the way they are currently "groomed," I'm sure that he would grant a little clemency to us in this area.
However, Chris and I spend a good deal of money keeping Trudy's skin on. This week she has about twenty-five staples gracing her shoulder area (this is only the 2nd time this year that she's been injured--we are down by at least 8 incidences from last year). Don't ask me how she cut herself, because we came home from church, and she skulked out of the bedroom with her latest mishap. Before I took her to the vet yesterday morning, the video flashed through my mind. What is that verse in the Bible about being a doer of the Word, not a hearer only? I can give up Starbucks and lottery tickets (mainly because I don't purchase either), but I can't let my dog hurt. Even Sophie getting spayed cost me an entire day of worrying.
Carrie wrote me yesterday to tell me that Olivia was in the hospital with some very major issues. She's one of the little girls that I fell in love with while we were in China. The pain in her eyes is difficult to ignore. She knew her family and loved them and they loved her. Enough to give her up so she might have surgery.

Talk about having two worlds juxtaposed at the same time.
On a lighter note, when Chris told me that I could get a dog a year ago I really wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He cringed at the idea of paying so much for an animal. He said I could get a dog from the pound. Never have I regretted that choice, but I think it might have been cheaper to just get me the Cavalier.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pray for Olivia

Olivia has been admitted to a Beijing hospital for congestive heart failure. Please pray for this little girl.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bad Hair Saturday

Apparently Friday night was rough on a few of us!

Sophie was spayed yesterday, she has that excuse. And
Trudy had her Semi-annual Clipping Seminar; attendees were
given White Trash t-shirts in which to sport their new do.

But, I'm not sure
what Chris's excuse is...a newly discovered appreciation
for Bon Jovi?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I rode my mountain bike yesterday! This was a big step for me. At first every rock I saw on the downhills was good enough reason to get off and walk it. But, after 10 miles (Chris was leading which is why we rode practically to Santa Fe), I finally got my nerve back.

If Chris didn't regale you with the story of my demise, here it is: Two Saturdays ago we decided to go ride in Pine Flats. We were on the bikes for maybe 5 minutes before I flew down a hill, hit a rock, and went over my handlebars. With mountain biking it is inevitable that you go over the handlebars at some point. But the idea always terrified me. I didn't actually know I went over. Somehow I was on the ground with my arms out in front of me like I was sliding into home plate. Chris got a front row seat to the action and said I looked very graceful in the air (at least that's what I imagine).

Well, my shoulder hurt and the bike had landed on top of me. Content to just lie there for awhile, or all day if necessary, Chris insisted on pulling the bike off and wanted me to get up. We had a power struggle, he won. And then I passed out. Right in his arms. Poor guy had to carry me out of the ravine. As soon as I came to, I was able to push my bike up the hill back to the car. Thus endeth the ride.

It's taken two weeks for my shoulder to be well enough to ride, and that long to get the nerve back up. But, I suppose 10 miles before dinner can pretty much get you over anything.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Weekend With Family

We now have airconditioning at our house! Chris's parents came down this weekend, and he and his dad spent two solid days underneath our house installing it and a new heater. They were both completely filthy, and I was glad I was a woman (a good excuse not to have to venture into the dark recesses). I was able to take both my mom and his out for a mother's day lunch, which, of course, included Hannah. I think that she enjoyed it more than either of them for the simple reason that we had hot tea, and she was given a cup and saucer along with us. We had a tea party. After lunch she told us that she had a very nice time. A high compliment after eating, let me tell you, as she eats like a bird and trying to get her to want to sit down to eat takes alot of convincing.

My friend Sarah also brought her little boy over that afternoon to play with Hannah. Caleb and she cooked and burned us pretend meals on the coffee table. Caleb also entertained us with some wild stories about his motorcycle and his shy girlfriends.

On Saturday my mom, Majaunta, and I took Hannah to the zoo (or the "yoos" as she called it). We got to ride a train and check out all the animals of which the zebra was her favorite. Actually, I think her favorite thing was playing hide and go seek with my mom. The guys finally finished that afternoon and had to top off the evening with dinner at Sadie's. That would probably explain the extra pounds around my middle from this weekend. I have a love/hate relationship with Mexican food. I think we need a month hiatus from tortillas and cheese. If you are scheduled to come visit us in May, prepare yourself for tofu and sprouts.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Call to Change: Dollars = Change

Hey Everyone: This video was posted on Greg Boyd's blog Random Reflections. It is a short video by a guy named Todd Dietz called "Dollars = Change". I thought it was a great reflection on our economic priorities as a nation. Really a critique of our collective individual economic priorities (e.g., my priorities).