Thursday, June 25, 2009

Important Lessons:

Chris teaches Haven the rudiments of being a Daddy's Girl. Unfortunately, now he's going to have to share...
Haven's Grandpa Keagy got caught smoking by a neighbor when he was 5 years old. His response to the neighbor? He told her he'd been smoking since he was two. We're thinking that when Haven is a teenager, drinking won't be a big deal to her...after all, she's been doing it since she was 4 months old.

*FYI: Haven didn't really get any, just a little suck on the bottle.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Helper

Haven helped Mommy do the laundry today--by eating Daddy's sock. Hey, we need someone to eat the laundry around here...there's too much of it anyway.

The Cereal Monster

We decided to try a little rice cereal yesterday. I wasn't sure how she'd do with a spoon, as she's never had that experience before, but she ate like a little trooper. And kicked her legs for more. A good deal of it ended up on her face and not in her mouth. She looks a bit surprised right here...that's probably because mommy was making a huge deal out of her eating so well and she couldn't figure out why I was so excited.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting To Know You

Haven is becoming aware of Trudy and Sophie. Mainly Trudy because Sophie's too independent to care. Trudy loves to lick Haven's hands, and Haven likes the way it feels. The other day they had a little love fest going on, and Trudy got so excited that she was getting some baby feedback, that she laid in Haven's lap.
Haven will be 16 weeks old this Thursday. I can't believe that she's been on this planet for almost 4 months! She's more and more fun as the days go by.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Errors & Omissions regrets the following errors:

In the past post, Look at That Tush, Jane regretfully made the comment, I'm beginning to see how one could start collecting bikes like coins and stamps. Not one hour later, her husband was sending her craigslist postings on a new bike he'd like to have. I would, therefore, like to retract my original statement and further add that I in no way endorse purchasing bikes or the people that find this practice stimulating.

Look at That Tush!

If that isn't the cutest tush, I don't know what is. I also don't know why I look 5 months pregnant in this picture, but I assure you--I am not! Must be my new beer belly I've decided to acquire for the summer.

This is our little biker after a 20 mile ride yesterday. We narrowly missed a huge thunderstorm by about 5 minutes. There is a cover on Haven's ride, but Chris and I wouldn't have had much fun dodging hail stones.

I am one happy lady. On Saturday my parents came up to our house to watch Haven for a couple hours so I could mountain bike. I've been aching to go for months. Chris told me that he was afraid I'd built it up to be more fun than it is. But, I hadn't. I had a great time. Now I'm wondering if we need a permanent Saturday morning babysitter so I can go every week.

I'm beginning to see how one could start collecting bikes like coins and stamps. I am not endorsing this behavior, though, (Chris), I'm just saying I can understand to a small degree.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Biking Buddies

This is Haven's newest boyfriend, Isaac. They had a wonderful time hanging out while we rode bikes with some friend's of ours yesterday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oldy, But Goody

Thirty is the new twenty. At least that's what we're telling ourselves. Today is Chris's 30th birthday. I already had mine (yep, I'm a cradle robber). You are an amazing husband and daddy.

Happy Birthday, Baby. You don't look a day over 29!

Life is Good

There she is peacefully sleeping. It could almost fool you into thinking that this baby thing is pretty easy. Almost. My little munchkin has really been putting her daddy and I through the fire by deciding she doesn't want to nap anymore and nighttime should be spent in our bed. Every night I find myself praying, "Lord, please give me the grace and patience to get through this night." And, He does. I knew before I had Haven that the lack of sleep would be really tough on me. I've always been an 8-9 hour required sleep girl. Not anymore.

And now that she's awake more, she's decided that's all she wants to be during the day. So, I have to be pretty crafty to get her to take a good nap. She's only three months old--I'm told it gets easier. But, I have recurring nightmares that she will be 6 months, 9 months, a year old and I will still be getting up 3 or 4 times a night. On the plus side, she generally sleeps in until about 8 in the morning. That's gotta be better than a 5 a.m. wake-up call.