Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Images

Haven learned how to drive this Thanksgiving. She did not, however, learn how to sleep well while on a trip. Neither did her parents. I figure since we still haven't figured out a way to get Chris to sleep through the night yet, we can't really blame our daughter for waking up numerous times and not wanting to go back to sleep. Every night. For two hours. She was awake from 2-4 a.m. Screaming. Fun times.
The doggie cousins did not have the same issues. They made themselves right at home on Nana's couch with Grandpa Jim. That cute little thing in the middle of Trudy and Sophie is Grizzly Keagy. He's the proud owner of David and Christine.

And this is Haven demonstrating her newest skill...standing without holding on to anything. While reading a book. I happen to believe that this could be a better skill than learning how to talk. I can read a book and do anything at the same time. Anything.

And, this would be Trudy Lou finding a new favorite spot in the car--Haven's car seat.
So, those are the images that I captured, but the ones I didn't were just as good. We spent Thanksgiving day with my family in Amarillo and ate dinner at The Big Texan. If you've never heard of The Big Texan, well, it's a big tourist trap restaurant and motel. There are billboards all over the United States about a free 72 ounce steak if you eat it (and all the sides) in an hour. We did not attempt the steak, however, after we'd finished eating, it felt similar to eating a 72 ounce hunk of beef. The food was surprisingly good. The restaurant was decorated for Christmas and they had a band. And, no-one had to do dishes. Lovely.
Haven had her share of mashed potatoes and stuffing, but by far her favorite food of the weekend was Dyer's BBQ in Pampa. Can't say I blame her. She loves rib bones. And apricot sauce. And Texas toast. Yum. Yum. Yum.
It would appear as though the majority of my blog posts are about food. But, honestly, I can't think of a better way to reminisce about the weekend then to review all that I ate.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Genetically Predisposed to Naughtiness

Parenting Adventures

Sometimes having a kid can be very exposing. Not only of your selfishness, but just plain exposing. For instance, today Haven had half of the Trader Joe's employees laughing as she was pulling my shirt down in her effort to vacate the shopping cart. I was busy trying to pull it back up, and we were having a definite tug-of-war. The man who was dishing up samples of dressing and gravy found it particularly funny. A female worker said loudly, "I saw her pulling your shirt off--I think she's hungry!" Alot of the nearby shoppers turned around. Ahh, yes, I am the spectacle at Trader Joes. Hurray.