Saturday, December 25, 2010

If I Had Followed Through....

with my intention of making Christmas cards you may have received one that looked like this:

or this: (I'm in the light because I'm much holier than the rest of my family). You can't see my halo because there's a bit of a shadow above my head. But, it's there. I assure you.
I asked my brother to take a few of us today because we never get family photos taken. Chris has to practically be bound and gagged in order to comply (which would make a very strange looking photo, I think). Today, though, it was both of those hoodlums who refused to comply. Out of a dozen Haven was cooperating in two. And, Chris, although outwardly complying, was not. Let me assure you. We couldn't take video because you can't send that very easily in a Christmas card and the griping that ensued when asked if he would grace us with his face for a picture was downright grinchy. We are talking about 5 minutes of sitting still and pasting a fake smile on your face. It's not like I asked him if we could burn the fingerprints off his hand or something.

Regardless of the picture debacle, we had a great Christmas. If you were family I probably made you a pillow. My friend, Faerl, and I worked like dogs making pillows before and after Thanksgiving.
One very good reason I didn't get pictures taken and sent. Plus there's this little almost-two-year old that keeps me busy.

Merry Christmas, ya'll! Hope it was special.

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