Sunday, April 11, 2010

Women & Babies

I had a fantastic weekend. It started out with a girl's evening (which means lots of food) that extended until 8 the next morning. My lovely friend, Sarah, went into labor on Friday and had her baby boy, Nathan, the next morning. It was possibly one of the most important things I've ever seen in my life. Through the whole labor she just amazed me. I think it gave me a new respect for women. Sarah did the birth un-medicated, and she was serene and calm and focused. Everyone in the room was crying when Nathan made his appearance. The only birth I've ever attended was Haven's (well, and my own, but I don't remember it), and it's quite different when you are the one in pain. Plus, I was so exhausted after Haven's birth that I don't really remember much of it. Anyway, I am so grateful to Sarah for allowing me to witness such an important moment. I've never seen a woman look so beautiful.

After a day of recovery (that means two beers and a good night's sleep), Chris and I went biking. Haven ran through the sprinkler at my parent's house, helped Daddy work on his bike (she loves doing this), and ate quite a bit of bird feed. She's unstoppable when she gets outside. She's really growing up. I love this age, but it's sad to think that she's definitely on her way out of babyhood and onto toddlerhood.

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