Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jane's Addiction

I went to the library the other day and brought back several books, none of which I could put down. Does anyone else neglect their husband or child when in the midst of a good book? I feel guilty about it, but I'm powerless to stop it.

Last night I was in the middle of the "Moonlit Cage" when Chris tried to have a conversation with me. I handed him a magazine and told him, "not now, honey." The only good thing about it is that I'm a fast reader. So, if you are looking for amusement and a way to wile away the hours without thinking about cooking dinner (not that I spend alot of time doing that anyway), telling your husband hello, or picking up your baby-I recommend the following reads:

1. Persepolis (Parts 1 & 2)
2. Sarah's Key (if in your reading induced haze you vaguely recall having a child, this one will make you cry--I can't read about children suffering anymore after having Haven. It means something else when you are a parent)
3. The aforementioned Moonlit Cage

I have one more book to read before I can join the world of the living. If Chris ends up at your house this next week with a magazine and a blanket you will know that he was disturbing me whilst I was in the middle of my book--a sure-fire way to end up in the dog-house around here.

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Sarah Taylor said...

Everyone's got to have an escape. I think reading is a perfectly good one. Too bad we're not better at coordinating our binges - that way maybe Chris and Zach could keep each other company whilst they take care of themselves! (Although we must remember the "riding to Santa Fe" lesson and take their credit cards away before we let them out of sight!)