Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chris: Potter Extraordinaire

For Christmas, I bought Chris pottery lessons at a studio down the way. Quite a few years ago I took a pottery class with my mom and when he found some of the pots that I threw he laughed (we were a brand-spankin' newly married couple too).
Actually, they weren't pots that I threw, they were called pinch pots, and admittedly, they were pretty awful. Probably more so because of the glaze that I chose. The pots that I actually threw on the wheel were passable. I mean, I think my brother proudly displayed one on the back of his toilet seat for years. That can be a place of honor depending on your perspective.
Anyway, I thought pottery would be a nice distraction for him since his foot was broken and it's not really riding season. Here's a picture of what he produced. Unfortunately for me, I was pretty impressed. OK, really impressed. He showed me up. Not that surprising since creatively speaking, he's rather brilliant. Which can be kind of irritating since I'm not. Hey, I produced a pretty cute kid (even if Chris did help out with that). I can't be good at everything.


Chris McKean said...

First of all, thanks for the compliment honey. I have to say that at the end of the day maybe I can make some pots, but your sense of humor makes me laugh all the time. That is more creative than making glorified dirt look like it will hold water and is worthy to reside on the back of a toilet. Love you.

majaunta said...

Hey ....where's mine!