Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gettin' Ready for the Pumpkin Patch

Haven and I, along with some friends, went to a pumpkin patch yesterday. We took a hay ride, picked out a pumpkin, ate dirt (Haven and her little friends), played in the corn box (like a sandbox, but with corn kernels), pet some get the idea. I think the mommies were more impressed with it all than the babies, but that's probably to be expected since all the babies were under one year of age.


Sarah Taylor said...

Adorable! I'm glad YOU had fun! Seems like Haven was plenty happy, too.

I have pictures of Caleb at a pumpkin patch that my mom took him to when he was just a year and a few months. His method of selecting a pumpkin involved sitting on every one he could get near!

Chris and Jane said...

I am sure missing my little monkey. Give her a chin kiss for her dad.

Big Pappy.