Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

Today was a menagerie of amusement. At least for me. It started with a bike ride. My parents came up to watch Haven, and Chris and I went for my 2nd mountain bike ride since Haven has been born. People should not expect much of me. I am notorious for crashing at the weirdest places (i.e. the easiest spots on the trail).

We weren't too far into it before I hit a rock and came crashing down. Thank God I was wearing my helmet because I banged my chin on a rock and also gave myself a fat lip. Not to mention scraping my hands, shoulder, and legs up pretty nicely. Chris said I had blood all over my teeth. Battle wounds. My first thought after I checked that all my limbs were still intact was that it would look pretty cool to have a fat lip and a bruised chin. Like I'd been in a fight. No such luck. You can barely tell even though it hurts like...well, like something that hurts bad. This is a PG rated blog.

Just a small aside: Chris always tells me I'm a wimp. A boss once told me that I have a big dog/little dog complex. In other words--I think I'm tougher than I really am. It's not that I try to act macho (except when I'm whuppin' Chris's butt when we wrestle), it's just that sometimes I feel like I need to prove my toughness. And nothing proves that you are tough like a bunch of cuts and scrapes, right?

Since my mom was over and Christmas is coming up, I wanted her to take pictures of our little family so I could make Christmas cards. I even gave Trudy a bath yesterday so she'd be picture perfect (yes, Trudy is part of our family and therefore included in the picture). I had also given Chris about a week's notice that we would be taking a family picture. I also warned him that he would have to shave. Well, wouldn't you know it? When the actual time came for the portrait what did he do? I'll tell you what he did. He threw a big fit. He didn't want to bathe, it wasn't working out, etc. etc. I tried to reason with him. I told him he didn't have to shave. None of it worked. Eventually I broke out the bossy wife voice and told him in no uncertain terms that we were taking the picture today, or I could schedule something at JC Penny's. He agreed to today.

I didn't have much help from my dad who was sitting on the couch offering his version of encouragement. And, while Chris was still fuming over having lost the battle, I just couldn't help it. I couldn't. I asked him if he wanted me to lay out an outfit for him. In complete exasperation he said, "I hate this!" I told him we could match. For some reason it didn't help. I guess it was kicking him while he was down.


Sarah Taylor said...

I love the picture! What a beautiful family! Trudy is the obedient, good-mannered first child. Soph is the somewhat spastic middle child. Haven is the beautiful baby that will forever hold the spotlight! You look gorgeous. Absolutely radiant. You four present a very true picture of, well, yourselves. Chris, though? I think it might have been a mistake to have him bathe for the picture. Having him clean and tidy is certainly not representative of real life at the McKean house. I don't blame you for trying, though. And, come the bikes aren't in the photo?

Chris and Jane said...

My thoughts exactly! I asked Jane if she wanted to portray the real us (the dogs and I, Jane and Haven really do look that good) or virtually lie to family and friends by presenting some cleaned-up, g-rated version of the dogs and I. She said if they really knew us, they would know it was a farce and the rest she was comfortable deceiving.

As far as the bikes go, with the economy in shambles Jane has cut my allowance once again and I had to sell one of them. It is a sad state of affairs! I must say after overhearing some of Jane's conversations I do have my suspicions about her, money laundering, and Swiss accounts. It is either that or clothes laundering and Swiss cheese, but I know I should be getting more than 5 bucks a month allowance.

I am going to make a "Shame on Jane" protest sign and have a good old fashion demonstration of the first amendment. Hopefully she does not that chance to teach me about the second amendment!