Monday, June 15, 2009

Look at That Tush!

If that isn't the cutest tush, I don't know what is. I also don't know why I look 5 months pregnant in this picture, but I assure you--I am not! Must be my new beer belly I've decided to acquire for the summer.

This is our little biker after a 20 mile ride yesterday. We narrowly missed a huge thunderstorm by about 5 minutes. There is a cover on Haven's ride, but Chris and I wouldn't have had much fun dodging hail stones.

I am one happy lady. On Saturday my parents came up to our house to watch Haven for a couple hours so I could mountain bike. I've been aching to go for months. Chris told me that he was afraid I'd built it up to be more fun than it is. But, I hadn't. I had a great time. Now I'm wondering if we need a permanent Saturday morning babysitter so I can go every week.

I'm beginning to see how one could start collecting bikes like coins and stamps. I am not endorsing this behavior, though, (Chris), I'm just saying I can understand to a small degree.

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Jacob and Carrie said...

20 miles? seriously? That's a cute butt... surprised she has cellulite if she's going on 20 mile rides. You'd think at least some of the benefit could be achieved by osmosis. :)