Monday, June 15, 2009

Errors & Omissions regrets the following errors:

In the past post, Look at That Tush, Jane regretfully made the comment, I'm beginning to see how one could start collecting bikes like coins and stamps. Not one hour later, her husband was sending her craigslist postings on a new bike he'd like to have. I would, therefore, like to retract my original statement and further add that I in no way endorse purchasing bikes or the people that find this practice stimulating.


Chris and Jane said...

Actually I was completely thinking of you. See, if I bought the other bike I could give you the one I have. Sure the other one is newer, gorgeous, and more expensive, but this is all about you getting what you need. I will just have to be selfless another day.


Sarah Taylor said...

"...I in no way endorse purchasing bikes or the people that find this practice stimulating."

Can I second that?

Actually, I think I'm okay with Zach's purchases (on the whole). It really is Chris that's the problem. When he buys something, then Zach has to buy something and the vicious cycle goes on and on.

And I do wholeheartedly encourage the riding part. If it weren't for that, I'm sure I'd have a (MUCH more) grumpy husband - and no one wants that. But the practice of purchasing and obsessing I can definitely join you in denouncing.

Worst by far, however, is the act of masking personal greed with an altruistic guise. We all know it's a web of lies. Only those with the hardest of hearts could stoop so low. (You know who you are.)