Monday, November 24, 2008

A Rant About Olives

This may seem like a very random post, and indeed, it probably is, but I am harboring some bitterness toward Subway and decided that instead of letting my unforgiveness fester inside, I would spew my venom in response to their mean and miserly new policy of withholding food from a pregnant woman. Stupid Subway.

After church on Sunday, Chris took me to get a sandwich at this popular eating establishment. We've been many times before, but apparently they are really feeling the economic crunch and decided to take it out on unsuspecting, hungry customers. In the past they have always been very generous with their toppings--to the point that they usually have to call in the big guns to successfully wrap Chris's sandwich. However, times have changed. I ordered my usual...a 6 inch veggie sandwich. The sandwich assembler proceeded to ask me what I'd like on it. In case you haven't been to Subway or you don't eat there, then you might not know that you can pick your toppings individually or ask for the works. There are certain veggies I choose not to allow grace my sandwich, and so I asked for lettuce, pickle, banana peppers and extra olives. Mr. Sandwich Assembler informed me that it was 25 more cents for extra veggies. So, he threw maybe 10 olive slices on my already thin looking sandwich. I asked him if that was extra, and he informed me that the norm is 5 olive slices (since when?). I was shocked, appalled, name it, I was a bit miffed at how stingy Subway had suddenly become especially since they had apparently cut down on how much stringy lettuce they were going to supply as well--it's a veggie sandwich, for goodness sake. I started to ask him if he would give me a 75 cent discount considering the fact that I chose to eliminate some of the other vegetables that I could have gotten. But, I was rather speechless with rage. You can't go from being super generous to your customers to counting out 5 olives slices within the course of a month. That just isn't going to fly.

And so, I am boycotting Subway in Edgewood. Don't stand between a woman and her sliced black olives or there will be hell to pay.


Sarah Taylor said...

Hey! I checked your blog earlier today and you hadn't posted yet, so I was just about to email to ask when the olive rage was going to spill over onto your unsuspecting readers!

I just had an idea. Every Friday afternoon, 770kkob has "The Hour of Rage", in which angry callers give voice to their fury about any number of topics. The angriest caller wins a great prize pack. If you could re-kindle the rage later on this week, I bet you would win some great stuff. After all, I'm sure Jim Villanucci is smart enough to know never to stand between a pregnant woman and her olives. (Or any food, for that matter.)

And, by the way, I just came from Wal-Mart, where I saw an entire CAN of olives for $.88. Maybe you should take a can over to Edgewood Subway. That way if you ever do grace their establishment again, they might be able to give you a proper quota of olives. And, if they don't, you could always take an extra can along to throw at them!

Stingy Sandwich Makers!!!

Jacob and Carrie said...

I love that you asked for a 75 cent discount since many of the veggies you rightfully paid for were not ordered. That's my Jane!!! :)

Oh, and I "tagged" you. Check out my blog to see what I'm talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

Well this post left me laughing! I ALWAYS order Veggie Delights at Subway...however, all I like on mine are pepper jack cheese, spinach (none of that lettuce, thank you), cucumbers, tomatoes, just a few sprigs of onion (their onion is really strong usually!), and LOTS OF GREEN PEPPERS. I always wait until last to tell them the green peppers with the strategy in mind that THEN (seeing how little is on my sandwich) they will not be as stingy with the green peppers (because they can be REALLY stingy with their green peppers). They slap a few on and I apologetically ask "Can you give me more?" Usually they will then pile them on...but, once in a while I run into someone who thinks his green peppers are gold. Probably you just ran on to one of those types. Hopefully the entire establishment has not fallen into such stinginess!

(I love Sarah's idea of bringing a can of olives with you to chuck at the next stingy sandwich assembler! Hah!!!)