Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hannah's Husband

Kids are funny. I find them especially amusing to watch and listen to. Hannah was up this weekend for a very short two days. She grows up a little bit more every time I see her. As they were packing up on Sunday to drive to Colorado, Hannah was in the bathroom, and I heard her tell Majaunta that she was going to get married someday. I'm not sure what sparked that bit of matrimonial desire in her, but she was very serious. And just as serious when she said that she would not be marrying a silly man. She was also quick to inform her mom that she was going to marry a man who took care of himself. I like her high standards.


Jacob and Carrie said...

One must wonder where this idea came from... I have a theory, and I feel I must share so that all of our questions can be answered. I imagine she spent a good part of her weekend quietly observing a certain dear big brother who shall remain nameless and realized, quite astutely, that there is significant room for improvement.

Of course, this is only tongue-in-cheek, as from all accounts this certain big brother has been a remarkable husband on his journey to become a father, so his level of silliness and inability to "care for himself" remains at an acceptable level.

I just needed to warm up before arriving home... though I'm immediately feeling guilty for saying such things. Not enough to keep from publishing the comment, though.

Chris McKean said...

Carrie...I have never known you to need a warm up. Maybe being over there is making you soft???

Anyway, I have faith that you will pull out of it just in time for you and Jane to spread the Christmas cheer. Can't wait to see you guys! We will have the Jake and Carrie room ready.

Clay said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah!!! It must be the age, Xiao QIng says she wants to marry Superman. Then the next day, its an English boy. Then the next day, she asked her daddy, if he would wait for her, so she could marry him:)