Sunday, November 30, 2008


My sister-in-law, Carrie, tagged me on her blog and has forced me to reveal 7 weird/random, previously unexposed facts about myself. I've been forced to consult my husband since I don't think I'm that weird, but he apparently shares a different opinion:

1. I disassemble and reorganize every single sandwich I've ever ordered. Even if I specifically requested certain items to be on the sandwich and watched it being made, I must first peek under the bread to see how it is arranged and then throughout the eating process, I must reorganize how the items are spread about.

2. When (if?) I cook, I don't like making something I've made before and it is usually the weirdest recipe in the cookbook. Same thing at the Asian grocery store--if the food is unidentifiable, then I want to try it.

3. I barely dry off when I get out of the shower. I don't like spending the time. In fact, I don't like spending time doing mundane things like rubbing lotion in all the way either.

4. If someone pronounces a word wrong I will repeat the way they said it over and over in my head to try and figure out why they said it like that--and then I will try really hard not to correct them (because it's annoying to have someone correct you for mispronunciation). I'm not always successful in keeping my mouth shut, but I do try.

5. I love accents. I'm also pretty good at copying them if I've heard one.

6. I had a poem published in high school.

7. I think Trudy smells like tortilla chips.

And, following Carrie's example, I choose to tag one person also. Faerl's new blog is always a joy to read. She is a fellow Texan who never fails to give me a big smile when I see her. She may also drink more coffee than Chris which a feat worth mentioning. I hope I didn't take away one of her random facts.

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