Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, Miss Hannah!

We spent Labor Day weekend in Pampa/Amarillo, TX with my in-laws, my grandparents and my brother, David, and his wife, Christine. And Grizzly, their adorable puppy that already loves his Aunt Jane more than anyone. Mainly because she fed him a corn cob, and he got to puke all over his grandmother’s house—what dog wouldn’t like that?
A weekend recap would not be complete without at least one story about Hannah. Hannah took to David as soon as he came over on Saturday, and she had his undivided attention for some time. A few of us were in the living room, Hannah on his lap, being teased and loving every moment of it. Majaunta asked David if he would like some tea. He said yes, but when she came back into the living room and evidently interrupted a David/Hannah moment, Miss Hannah was not too pleased. She very casually said to her mom, "why don't you go make the tea now?" I don't think that went over too well because Majaunta raised her eyebrows (this is a warning sign in the McKean family--I get it all the time from my husband, and it means things are not going to go well for you unless you can make the eyebrows go back down again). Majaunta asked Hannah what she said, probably hoping she’d misunderstood. Hannah, still smug in the adoration of David repeated a bit more forcefully, "Make the tea now!" Majaunta told her they were going to have a little talk. Hannah is quite sensitive and doesn't like to be scolded in front of people; it embarrasses her. She jumped off of David's lap and pointed to the kitchen and told her mom, "Lets talk in there."


Sarah Taylor said...

Oh, Miss Hannah! Our "little ones" must both have been feeling like they were wearing very big pants lately. Yesterday evening, Caleb came up to me and said, "Dinner for me. Now." Nice... I don't do the eyebrow thing, but you can be sure that he didn't quite get the reaction he expected!

I'm glad you guys got to spend time with the family!

DawnLaurie said...

I just love Hannah stories. I would imagine that you were much like her as a child. I do believe that she must be your soul mate. If the Sophie spoke human, she would probably tell you to go make tea.