Thursday, August 28, 2008


The ever-growing and soon to be newest member of the McKean family. We had a twelve-week ultrasound this morning, and since everything looked great, have decided to tell the world that on or around March 12th, we will be welcoming our little one into the family. I'm not sure why blogger insists on posting the picture rotated like this, but I think you can get the idea. There's a baby in my tummy...I'm not just gaining weight because I think it's fun.
Thanks to all of you--many, many thanks, for praying for us and encouraging us after we lost our first baby. Even though very few people knew that I was pregnant again, I received a letter that bolstered me along in the rough early stages, many people told me they were praying for me, and I know that it is true because there is no other way to explain the amount of peace I've had with this baby.
As I was praying the day that I found out that I was pregnant (after 4 pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe it), I felt like God gave me the word, "expect." He wanted me to expect the best thing. And, the best thing was to hear the heart beat. We heard the heart beat at 9 1/2 weeks, and when the mid-wife told me that my chances of miscarrying after hearing the heart beat were only 5%, I knew they were less, because He was there with me, telling me to expect the best thing. How can I fear when He's on my side? Not to say that I am not a doubting Thomas sometimes. But, I try to remember that He's bigger. He is mighty and able.
And so, in case any of you were wondering why we've been so absent lately from activities, or why we've turned down an opportunity to hang out with you, or why we've been acting's because I've been experiencing morning sickness for most of the day and haven't been functioning at 100%--or even 10%. Morning sickness can't account for all the strangeness...I mean, Chris is just rather odd sometimes, and he's not sick. But, for the unexplainable withdrawal from human contact...there is a reason. And, a new reason to pray...that it all goes away very, very soon.
Thank you for being true friends and lifting us up when we were down. And, for not asking me if I've developed a new love affair with a doughnut.


Sarah Taylor said...

Mmmm....donut! Notwithstanding the well-being and general health of your developing child, pregnancy is a great time to indulge in many types of pastries - fried and unfried alike. After all, everyone expects you to gain weight. How will they know if 5-10 of those pounds were due directly to the number of donuts you consumed? It's none of their business! (Anyways, I'd like to see someone try to stand between a pregnant woman and an item of food she desires. Good luck! Chris, seriously, don't try it. If you thought she was mean before - you haven't seen anything yet.)

I am absolutely thrilled for both of you, and can't wait to help you welcome baby McKean into your arms. You two are already amazing parents. We will continue to lift you up in any way we can.

Much love,
the Taylors

Jacob and Carrie said...

Yay! The news is out! I'm going to be an "ayi" and jacob a "shu shu" -- for real this time, and not just to your doggies. What fun. I'm thankful that you've had such a peace during this journey so far and that you are waiting with great expectations about the good things that are to come.


Jacob and Carrie said...

PS: Now you'll have PLENTY to blog about. :) No excuses anymore!

Clay said...

Very Happy for you and will enjoy following your pregnancy. Love, Clay and Pam in Henan

Kathy said...

Congratulations!!! We are so very happy for you! "Expect" is such a rich word, full of promise and hope. And it's yours from God. What could be more precious!

With love,
Kathy and Chuck

Bryan said...

Hey guys,

We are so happy for you!

Bryan and Dawn