Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fish Stories

Chris needed a break from work, so we took 4 days off and made a trip to beautiful Cuchara, Colorado. We didn't do much other than eat and relax. Chris wanted to fish (I think because it is supposed to be a relaxing sport (I use the term "sport" loosely). I've never seen my honey fish before. He spent all of two hours casting his line in and then had enough. His temperament is more suited to climbing mountains and sports where you are highly prone to injuries, I think. He did catch one trout, but it was too small to be of much use--and, I wasn't going to let him kill it, so what choice did he have but to throw it back in? We had a picnic and walked around Bear Lake (what a rip-off, there were no bears!).

Some friends of ours live in Cuchara (aren't we lucky?), and even though they were tied up with a group of golfers, we were able to spend some time with the Harnley's, their daughter, Maury, and her absolute chunk of a son, Jaden. I have never seen a child as large as Jaden. And, what a ham bone! He entertained us for hours. Mainly by faking injuries so he could get some attention and a kiss from his mom. I don't know how you can manage to hurt your wrist and shoulder just by sitting in a chair, but he managed nicely. He appears to be a quick healer, though.

I was feeling energetic enough to go on a hike Sunday. We traveled about 7 miles and met with quite a few hunters who had spotted bears, but we, unfortunately, didn't see any. One of the hunters we met camped up in the mountains for the entire deer/elk hunting season (a whole month). I didn't get too close to him because you can't smell all that good if you shower once a week. He was very friendly, I think it gets a bit lonely up there with nothing but your bow and arrow to talk to.

It is always difficult to leave Colorado, no matter how sedentary you've become while visiting. I grew up traveling to that beautiful state and hope that I always get to enjoy it at least once a year.


Sarah Taylor said...

It looks beautiful! I think Colorado is good for the soul.

Bryan said...

That sure looks like fun! What a beautiful place. I'm glad you guys got to go.


Jacob and Carrie said...

ohhh... the envy rises again. :) Just kidding; it looks like you had an awesome time, and I'm so glad you got to "get away." It is time for an update on baby McKean, I think!