Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very Bad Dogs

You may not know this about me, but I am a strict and harsh disciplinarian. For example, when it was discovered that Sophie had retrieved a fully wrapped granola bar from the bedside table and managed to devour it in a few short minutes--I told her she was a very bad dog and ordered her to the wicker chair to think over her evilness. Well, she looked really cute there and then Trudy decided she didn't want her little sis to be alone so she hopped over to the chair too. I rounded out the punishment with a nice, firm picture taking which I am certain they will not soon forget.


Bryan said...

Wow. You must have very obedient animals--you big meanie.

By the way, we sold Sophie's mother and the breeder we sold her to told us that she is a 'show quality black and tan...', so you might just let Sophie eat a granola bar every once in a while. After all, she is a princess!

Sarah Taylor said...

Good grief, Jane McKean! You're too much! You make me laugh, though, so just keep at it...

In the mean time, I'm sure the REAL disciplinarian in you will rear its head when future little Junior McKean performs his first act of open defiance. It's amazing how strong the compulsion is to beat it out of them!

But, regardless, it was a great photo op, and you'd be a fool to pass that up! Good job.

fourlittlehawks said...

This is my first comment on your blog, but I couldn't pass up this chance to hail a kindred spirit (or are we fellow victims?). Isn't there something diabolical about how a dog can suddenly transform into something irresistibly cute just when you are completely furious with them? I'm glad to see that there is another person out there who just can't help but succumb.
That was a precious photo!
Jen Hawkins

Chris & Jane said...

I think victims sums it up rather nicely...but, willing victims none the less. : ) Dogs were made to be spoiled. Otherwise they wouldn't be so cute.