Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sunday Funday

Sometimes the Sabbath is just begging to be celebrated out in the open. With a picnic, admiring His creation. I've missed our trips to Pecos this year and with one thing or another, we've been unable to find the time to go. This Sunday was our first chance, and I somehow had the upper hand in the deal making. Chris agreed to a picnic, which is no small feat and agreed to take both the dogs--God does indeed still work miracles! Loaded down with sandwiches, crusty bread and cheese (a picnic essential), and lots of pickles, we struck out for Holy Ghost trail (a sanctioned Sabbath spot if I ever heard of one).

Oh, it was beautiful. There is something incredibly blissful and peaceful and soul-calming about sitting beside a stream with flowers and trees all around you. And, a husband who caves every once in awhile to your demands. And, two dogs. It may have been the happiest moment I've had for a few months.

We weren't able to go far on the trail because the monsoon season is upon us, and it was obvious from the intense green and the abundance of wildflowers that the Pecos had received it's share of summer showers. I've never seen it so lush. The butterflies were out in full force enjoying especially the wild sunflowers.

Chris discovered the wild raspberry bushes shortly after we arrived, so they served as dessert. Raspberries always make me think of my sister-in-law Carrie. I'll do anything to try and get her to move to ABQ once she and Jacob leave China. And telling her about all the berries is really just a shameful bribe.

The rain began too soon for my taste, but it very sweetly held off until we'd finished our lunch and hiked a few miles along the stream. God's glory is never so evident to me as when I am in the mountains, enjoying His Creation like He meant it to be enjoyed.


Jacob and Carrie said...

First the lavendar festival... now the raspberries?! What are you doing to me!!!! This is just starting to be cruel. I may have to stop visiting your blog. :)

Bryan said...

It sure is beautiful up there. I should have gone with you. I might have been in trouble with the boss if I did though! I'm glad you guys had a great time.


Clay said...

jane, thanks for the escape from the concrete jungle that we call home. I could smell the rain, taste the raspberries, and feel a gentle breeze on my cheek.....glad you like dogs, I think I would have left them at home:)