Wednesday, February 27, 2008

R-Rated Orphans

My sister-in-law Carrie, who volunteers at the orphanage in China that we visited, asked me help with the orphan updates this month because she was unexpectedly asked to go to Mongolia for a few days. Every month, the nanny's write a short blurb on the kids that they take care of. These blurbs are in Chinese and are translated into rough English by the students at the orphanage (New Day also has a school to teach young men and women how to read, write, and speak English). The updates are then revised by people like Carrie (or myself, when asked) and are sent to the Americans that sponsor these children to let them know how they are doing. Sometimes the translations from Chinese to English can be a bit interesting, such as this one:

Gideon is a smart kid. He starts to know many things. He plays his heart out in the play room every day. He likes to imitate others. When he is imitating something from TV, he always asks his moms to watch him. He knows when to drink water, wash his face, put lotions on his face and brush his teeth. Sometimes he likes to tap his little butt to say he had shit himself. Sometimes he is very quiet in a corner. He is doing therapy excise quite well every day. He can jump on his one leg with assistance.

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Sarah Taylor said...

Well, she was right, wasn't she? :) Ah...the wonders of miscommunication! Hee! Hee! Good one!