Monday, February 25, 2008

A Challenge to the Senses

I don't quite know how to promote the video I just watched without people either: 1). rolling their eyes because they think I'm now an active member of PETA and now you have to hide your fur coat from me (you don't, by the way); or 2). blowing it off because it doesn't seem important. But, I challenge everyone to watch this video, whether you think it's goofy or not. You should especially watch it if you think it's goofy because I'm curious to hear your thoughts. If I can watch it, then you can as well!

If you are the competitive sort, then accept my challenge, and leave me a post on what you thought because I found it very eye-opening to say the least: click
here to view the video. I'm curious to know how this affects (or doesn't affect) you. Also, because I found this video on Greg Boyd's website, if you are interested in his thoughts on the subject, please check it out.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch the whole thing. I have been wondering how I could do this (go veg). I would do it simply for the sake of your consciences, but I am now wrestling with my own. Jesus declared all meats clean, but this really isn't about meat, it is about cruelty. Do you both go without the milk and eggs too?

Just wondering, and almost there.


Chris & Jane said...

Thanks for watching, Bryan! I wasn't able to finish it either. I almost lost my lunch, but I was curious how the "tougher sex" would take it.
We went veg for health/diet reasons, and it's never bothered me that other's ate meat. I was reading Greg Boyd's blog about why he's a vegetarian and saw this link to the video and knew it was going to disturb me, but I had to watch. Our decision wasn't even a moral one...but this video really is shocking. I can't fathom how any person could be cruel to another living thing. I get alot of flak about caring for animals, so please don't think that I love animals more than humans just because I'm encouraging you to watch this video.

Chris & Jane said...

BTW: We do still eat eggs & cheese, and wear leather shoes and own a leather couch, and feed our dogs meat. All of these things came to mind after I watched the video. And, I don't know where we should draw the line, honestly. But, it is definitely worthy of consideration, especially considering what kind of torture those animals go through.

Chris said...

Ok, so I couldn't watch the whole video either and Bryan...yes, we still eat eggs and drink milk. In all honesty, my conscience was not offended until after I removed land dwellers from my diet. I saw most of this as a necessary evil. I will still partake if the situation calls for it and I also had to add fish to my diet since I found it difficult to get enough protein, however once we made the leap I found myself open to see what I personally had not been open to before. I think that it eliminated the necessity aspect and began an open dialogue with my conscience. It was not compartmentalized any more.

Jane, you may want to check again tonight, but do you think that this means I do have a conscience? Ha. We learn something new everyday. Maybe just a fluke though.


Sarah Taylor said...

Wow. I was able to watch the whole video, but there was definitely some cringing involved. I probably have a bit of a different perspective. My grandpa had a ranch, with cattle. (Not like those meat markets, mind you.) But I've been to cattle brandings, from an early age. It's how I was raised. Choosing to not eat meat has never really been an issue I've even considered.

I think I'm going to have to ask Zach to watch that, and we'll have to start praying seriously about it. I've never felt guilty about eating meat. Like Bryan said, Jesus declared them clean. They were provided for our nourishment. It's gone way beyond nourishment, though, and into the realm of greed and profit. Like the site said, they are no longer animals. They are commodities. I think that I might be okay with eating animals (that sounds bad), but I'm not okay with eating a commodity. A line has definitely been crossed, and I'm not okay with that.

I don't think I'm ready to give up everything. Especially milk, eggs, cheese... If nothing else, though, I may need to start buying cruelty-free products. I never have before, justifying my actions with budget constraints. I always knew that cruelty to the animals we eat is real. However, after seeing the video, I don't know that my cheeseburger will be quite so enjoyable.

I'll let you know what Zach and I are led to do, and will probably ask you lots of questions. To me, being a vegetarian always seemed like it would be a lot of unnecessary work. In the face of our innocent victims, however, I don't see how I could possibly choose my comfort over what I know is right.

Sarah Taylor said...

So, I watched the video, left my comment and then read Greg Boyd's blogs. I probably should have kept reading before opening my mouth. I made the comment that animals were provided for our nourishment. I have honestly always believed that we need meat in order to be truly healthy and strong. According to a closer reading of Genesis and the creation account, however, we don't. If God created us to live on vegetation and our hunger for flesh is a result of the fall, then it's probably not something I want to be a part of. If I can believe that childbirth is possible without pain (as a child of God who is redeemed from the curse of the law and the affect of the fall), then I can believe it's possible to forgo meat without the misery (yes, misery) I'd always thought would come hand in hand.

I really am going to have to give this some serious prayer.

By the way...I am sitting, reading through Greg's blogs on vegetarianism and Caleb (at 9:30am) says, "Mom, mine probably going to have a cheeseburger for lunch." Yikes.

Chris & Jane said...

I still don't believe that eating meat is wrong, and a good portion of my family grew up on farms where animals weren't viewed as beloved pets but rather food. Unfotunately, there is no way to kill an animal without causing them some pain, but hitting and torturing and mutilating is taking it too far. My only exposure to watching animals being butchered was in China. Aside from the rabbit that was skinned alive, it appeared to be quick and humane. In a perfect world, no living thing would have to suffer, but since we are obviously not living in a perfect world, my wish (and I know this is idealistic) would be that enough people would be outraged by the abuse of the slaughter houses/feed lots that they are forced to change their ways because they are losing profits.
Thanks for watching, though. I love to hear everyone's point of view. Caleb is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I think I have come to the place that I will cut out beef and pork right now (I already don't eat pork, so that's easy!). I also am looking for somebody who sells eggs form chickens that they raise, which shouldn't be too hard. The soy milk might take me some time!

The whole discussion here is good.

I also eat with family and friends that hunt, and to eat elk and deer taken in a hunt seems a little more humane than the factory farm business.

Maybe I could replace beef with Belgian Beer? just a thought!

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and I will always be a fisherman!


Chris & Jane said...

I love all this discussion! And, I am posting on my own blog...the very thing which I scolded Chris for! I told Chris that we should get some chickens (obviously we will have to keep them pinned up so that our sweet little chicken killer, Sophie, is not allowed to indulge) and a milk cow (we will name her Bessy because that is what you name a milk cow). I already drink soy, and I love it, but it would be hard to give up butter, cheese, sour cream (mmmm), etc. So, in order to continue our up-ward (not downward) spiral into total hippy-ville, I will be churning my own butter and making my own cheese in caves. I really wish it were that simple! I myself am not sure where to draw the line on animal products and by-products, so I guess we should all be led by our own sensitivities.
Bryan, I wouldn't recommend the Belgian Beer Diet...too bloating.

Don said...

Don & Cindy could not finish the video either!! However, we did notice when the men loaded the chickens into the transport cages, the video was noticeably "speeded" up to give the effect they were being cruelly tossed. The portion we watched was very emotionally manipulative . . .

As a couple who has spent 35 years in the agricultural service industry, dispensing "poisons" on farmers fields, we have been very discouraged on how the public's view of agriculture is so distorted by the media. It does not matter whether the issue is animal husbandry, pesticides, or soil & water resources . . . many in media lead the public to think that farmers are cruelly abusing "mother earth". Yes, we have watched a neighbors cattle nearly starve (we did talk with him), and others plow up native grass because of their greed. However, by and large most producers care deeply about their land, water, and animals, and are true "environmentalists" . . .

We remember a few years ago watching a video about how farmers cruelly transport their livestock to market. The piece was equally emotionally charged, and seemed quite convincing . . . we ourselves were almost wondering if we needed to have more concern about the weather when we hauled our livestock. Then, the very next day after watching this piece, we happened to have a very cold wet snow. Our herd was in a pasture out in front of the house, and were able to freely come and go to the shelter of the barn where they could all get out of the weather!! Guess where they were during the storm?? Your probably guessed . . . they were all out in the field, laying down in the wet snow, chewing their cud :>)

We love you both for your care and concern . . . for all of God's creation. Don & Cindy Zumstein

P.S. The next time your home, lets all go out east of town to visit the hog farm and see for ourselves how they are raised. Also, Don just finished another book on science and scripture called "A Biblical Case for an Old Earth", by David Snoke. We strongly suggest you read this book,

Chris & Jane said...

I just wanted to thank everyone who watched the video & commented. Coming from Texas and a long line of meat eaters, I expected a few outraged comments (mostly from my family members who think I get more earthy by the minute). Again, we still aren't certain where this information will lead us as far as long term vegetarianism. But, at least we know what some animals have to go through in order to provide sustenance for us. So, again. Thanks for watching!