Thursday, February 7, 2008

For All You Prayers Out There

A member of my family received some bad news at a doctor's visit yesterday. Please lift this man up in your prayers as he's having a difficult time retaining hope in this situation. I don't feel the freedom to say who this person is or what medical condition, but God knows, and He is the great Comforter.


Sarah Taylor said...

It's true, He is the great Comforter AND Healer. We will certainly lift him up for you...not only that he will receive peace, but healing, as well.

Has anyone told you about the prayer chain at Church? It's an amazing resource, and available to you at any and all times. Jeannette Bay heads it up. If you haven't met her, let me know and I'll introduce you. We pass the requests via email, because that's the most convenient for everyone. If you ever want to use it, feel free. Just send an email to and she'll get it going for you.

Chris & Jane said...

Thanks, Sarah. No, I haven't met Jeannette that I know of (hopefully I'm not forgetting someone's name!). Bryan mentioned the prayer chain on Wednesday. Hope you are well.