Sunday, January 20, 2008


So this weekend my parents came to see us, and of coarse Hannah was the Belle of the Ball. Her opening act was Thursday night which was followed up with an encore every few minutes until she and the folks left Sunday after lunch. This little girl can absolutely melt me. I have decided that I really should have a boy since apparently I cannot tell her no. From my perspective, she really does not need to be told no--she really does no wrong. That is not the case at all, of course, but it is in my eyes. I always wondered how I would respond to having a little sister. Growing up with three younger brothers, I always felt protective and responsible for them, but even the idea of having a sister used to run tingles down my spine. The idea of having a daughter does this to me now. Not because I didn't want a sister or now don't want a daughter. I have to admit that I am scared to death that it would break me. Maybe I should trust the Lord more in this respect; that He would take care of them and that it is not up to me to protect them from all that is not right with the world. But, who can look at these pictures of this little girl, or any child for that matter, and it not break their heart that this world is not perfect for them.

So, again I have been Hannah-tized.


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