Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fulfilling My New Year's Resolution

So, some of you might think this a bit shallow: my New Year's resolution wasn't to save the world, adopt a dolphin, or plant a tree...nope, it was to re-pierce my nose. Before you scoff, you should know that the first time I had it done it really hurt. But, I really liked it and so did Chris. In other words, it was an exercise in bravery to have it done again.

But first a little background: Carrie, my sister-in-law, suggested we get our noses pierced last year while we were all in Pampa. Labor Day in the Panhandle of Texas requires some added diversions--Hannah was not yet adopted, and most frustratingly, our husbands didn't think we had the nerve to do it. Indeed, we probably wouldn't have gone through with it had they not challenged us. So, we jumped in the car ready to make the hour long drive to Amarillo to a piercing place we weren't sure we'd be able to find. Our pride was on the line, so we couldn't turn back...and then the boys called and said they would go with us. We were committed.

It really hurt. And the place was a dump. And Carrie and I talked non-stop about our amazing feat of strength for the next three hours. I think Jake and Chris were rolling their eyes behind our backs.

About two months later, Chris and I were in Massachusetts, and I accidentally pulled the ring out with a wash cloth. Chris tried to reinsert it, but just the thought of him having to twist it made me apprehensive.

This New Year's, while we were in China, each of us told what our resolution would be. Someone said to be content, another to be more loving, and I...well, I wanted my nose ring back. I suppose some would say this is trivial compared to contentedness and love. However, I bet I fulfilled mine more quickly than anyone else. Poor suckers!


karen said...

You made me laugh.... bless ya.
Hope you and Chris are doing good and we get to see ya soon.

Sarah Taylor said...

Hey Jane,
It's Sarah...from church. I'm proud of you and your resolve! What a great resolution. I've wanted to pierce my nose for the last several years, but always come up with an excuse. If only I could be as brave!

Chris & Jane said...

Well, Sarah, I know the place to go if you decide to do it. This guy was really good...I should know, the first time it hurt! I'll go with you and hold your hand like Chris did mine. : )

Chris & Jane said...

Hi, Karen! I hope we can make it to Cuchara next time.