Monday, December 3, 2007

The Mating Rituals of African Fruit Flies

So, Chris and I have taken up Scrabble to pass the seemingly interminable dark nights. The sun goes down on this side of the mountain really early, so by the time Chris gets home, there isn't time to do much of anything. To avoid watching endless hours of t.v., we decided on board games. Since my husband wanted it to be somewhat educational, we ended up with Scrabble. I know this may seem like a very elderly way to spend your nights, and indeed, it probably is; but Chris cheats, so it does make the time more interesting. Oddly enough, Chris thought the legitimate way to win the game was to make up words and hope that the other player (me) would not challenge him on it's actual existence in the English language (oh, sometimes he spells words in a different language even though I'm pretty sure that I've never heard him fluently speak in another language). He's now been properly reigned in. Since he's going to kill me for what I just wrote, and insist that he really thought that's how the game was played, I should make up for it by saying that he really is a good Scrabbler...not as good as myself, of course, but a decent player.

Besides our riveting nights over Scrabble, this weekend, we spent Saturday with my parents in Santa Fe. Eating at Pasquel's (YUMMY) in the Plaza, attempting to walk off some of the damage of the enchiladas afterwards, and then driving home afterwards because we were all too full to do anything else.

Sunday, we attended church again at Edgewood Believer's Fellowship. Chris and I really love this church. The pastor really has a heart for people (not just church people), and really challenges us on how we approach non-believers. I always feel like I've learned something when I leave. Something that I can take away and chew on for the rest of the week. Seemingly simple things like loving your enemy that we've read a million times, but do we? Do we love people that we think are living sinful lives? People that are unlovely, that smell bad, that worship a different god from ours? I don't think most Christians do this (myself included).

Back to Sunday: after church, we loaded up our bikes and went mountain biking with our friends Heidi and Jeff. It was so awesome...I just love this sport. I felt certain that all the cactus were calling out to me, but I didn't answer their call. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out biking with Jeff (who apparently has been doing it for years and is quite good) and Heidi (who runs marathons for fun), but other than the fact that they all had to wait on me while we went uphill, it worked out OK. I'm OK on the downhill, and I love going fast. Afterward we had supper at their house which worked out really well...we brought pasta noodles, and they cooked the rest. I can give you their number if you need some friends like this.

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