Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things:

This long weekend, we spent most of it eating and mountain biking. For those of you who know me well, this is like heaven to me. My two favorite past times. On Friday, Chris and I ventured to White Mesa, a biking trail on the way to Jemez, NM. It was completely different from any other trail we have attempted and helped to conquer my number one mountain biking fear: riding on the edge of steep precipices. Practically the whole first 4 miles of the trail were on the edge of what I would call a cliff; those unencumbered with a fear of falling off a bike to meet their death would call it a drop-off. Either way, it inhibited my style of sailing full speed on the downhills. Most of the ride was uphill, which I can endure provided I get to go really fast on the way down. This did not happen. I didn't even get to experience my typical fall...but I took a nice spill on the Wednesday before by our house...somehow I managed to fall on another cactus, which did not hurt, but the rock on my shin and the twig in my cheek didn't feel all that great. But, I digress. After our ride, we ate at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo. They have the absolute best Vegetarian Omelet.

It was rainy all day Saturday, so we hung out with my parents, ate Pho, and then my mom suggested we bake. She wanted to make Bourbon Balls. I'd never tasted them, but they sounded interesting. They are very potent, in case you haven't tried them. You don't cook them, so the alcohol is still very much present. My first taste, I wasn't sure of, but after the 5th one, I decided I liked them.

Church on Sunday was really good, as usual, and afterward we had to go biking. I'd been wanting to do the trail by the foothills again...the downhills on this trail are so amazing. I find myself smiling like a dork the whole time. Afterward, we hit up Trader Joes. This was not such a good idea as I was hungry and in a moment of weakness thought that 5 pounds of honey roasted peanuts wasn't really excessive.

We will be in China soon, so if you are sick of hearing about mountain biking, I'm pretty sure I'll have new and different stories regarding our trip.

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J. and C. said...

I'll have to tell you our "lost in translation story"... where we bought 3 jins (similar to 3 pounds) of candied walnuts (yum) for what we thought was 4 kuai/jin... let's just say my chinese is poor enough that I was off by about 36 kuai/jin. Ouch. :)