Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Chronicles, But Mostly Randomness

If you read my Thanksgiving Blog then you know that we spent a week in Texas riding bikes, eating waaaay too much food, babysitting Hannah, and watching more television in 7 days than I do in 6 months (actually, you wouldn't know that from my past past blog was about my spectacular bike crash).

I will admit that I sampled turkey (it was quite good), ate lots of sauces with meat in them, and discovered all over again that I really don't like chicken. Oh, and I ate at the Coney Island as well and couldn't resist the ham and cheese. If you've never been to Pampa, then the Coney Island Restaurant would not be a good reason to stop...but, if you grew up there, then it is an absolute must. As my brother pointed out, the food is not good--if you ate it somewhere else you would send it back. But, it's the Coney for goodness sake! A Coney (for those of you not in the know) is a hot dog loaded with onions. For $1.30 you can order this delicious piece of heart-attack on a bun. I had the vegetable stew (comes from the same pot as the stew with meat, the waitress just doesn't dip down in the pot for the meat), and the aforementioned ham and cheese. When I looked up at the huge menu posted above the kitchen, I thought the prices were the old ones from the fifties that they'd kept to keep the place quaint ("quaint" may be too fluffy a word for the Coney). My veggie soup was $1.30, my sandwich a wallet breaking $2.30. You don't go to the Coney because it tastes good.

The most riveting part of the trip was watching Hannah, of course. We took up where we left off a month ago with me giving her a bath, feeding her, laughing at her silly antics, and giving her two boxes of band aids for her birthday that she went through in record time. When David came over to see her, he left with two, I believe. She's such a funny little thing. She entertained the whole clan with interpretive dance one afternoon. My favorite story, though, is when she was bouncing on Chris's lap when she was supposed to be winding down for bedtime. Chris asked her if she had worms. She looked at him with her head cocked, got off his lap and ran into her room. She came back with a stuffed caterpillar, and in her little Chinese accented English said, "I no have worms; I have caterpillar." Gotta love her.


chrismckean said...

Coney Island Blasphemy – I told your brother this and now I have to tell you…you have left your roots. I think that all your city dwelling has stolen your heritage. I don’t see how you can make that statement about a place that serves chile which one bowl can keep you full all day long, never mind the heart burn that is part of the experience. What about the hamburgers with piles of the strongest onions you have ever tasted…those will make a person cry. Ok, so the onions are really what makes my eyes wet with tears and the chile will call for pepcid all day, but it is the Coney Island. My parents ate there when they were children and if I am not mistaken they are still using some of the original ingredients. Really, I think that the ingredients have been in the fridge since then.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Hannah is so pretty! What a cool thing that you are a big part of her life. I saw you two at church yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to say hi, so HI!