Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thorny Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving do you imagine thorn bushes and cacti? I don't usually, but this Thanksgiving I will. Chris and I brought our bikes to Amarillo/Pampa so we could enjoy the great outdoors and get some excersise in order to undo the damage of excessive amounts of food. Palo Duro canyon is only 20 minutes away from my grandparent's house, and is incredibly fun to ride in. We planned on riding Saturday and leaving for Pampa on Sunday morning, but we had so much fun that we thought we'd ride again on Sunday. Perhaps I should have listened to my protesting legs and back right away, but instead Chris and I started out on the most technical part of the trail we'd done the day before. I wasn't riding all that well, or paying much attention to the trail when I decided it was time to hug a thorn bush. It wasn't in a hugging mood, and left me with a nicely scratched leg. All was well after my first crash...a couple scratches are no big deal. Just part of the adventure. We finished the end of the difficult trail and coasted down the easy one...until I spotted some cactus and decided I should land smack on top of one. Fortunately I was wearing gloves (which are now ruined) and they took the brunt of most of the needles on my hands. My left arm is a different story. Chris spent 30 minutes pulling all the needles out. Every night he gets to dig out the imbedded wood with a needle and tweezers. Hannah has very kindly lent me several Sponge Bob and Hello Kitty band-aids. I now have three on my body.

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