Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Overview

For my birthday, Chris bought me a mountain bike. He already had one, so after church yesterday, we had to try it out. It is a very challenging sport. And, somewhat frightening, but also very fun. I can see that I'm going to have new scars to add to my legs in the near future. The bike ride was a success, however, we met some people going up the trail who had a miniature pincher. Slightly smaller than Trudy. As we were coming back down the mountain, the woman who owned the pincher asked if we'd seen it. Right after we saw them on the way up, she had lost it. We continued our bike ride, but the woman and her friends were still looking for the little dog. I know how I'd feel if I had lost Trudy in the woods, so we offered to help find him. Chris took his bike and did the loop, and I walked with the woman calling out for Max. Unfortunately, we didn't find the dog. So, unless she came back at night to look and discovered him, he is gone.
Other than that, the day was a success. I had a great birthday weekend. My mom baked a lemon coconut cake which was delicious, Chris took me out to the Artichoke Cafe where I had pumpkin ravioli with toasted hazelnuts (yummy), and I woke up the next morning feeling hungover from all the food. We even went to the library sale and stocked up on books (not because we are short in supply).
It looks like we are headed to Pampa this next weekend to possibly care for Hannah again. It will be nice to have Chris along. We might even be preparing Thanksgiving dinner for Chris's family. Their first vegetarian Thanksgiving. I guess it'll be tofurkey or something delicious like that!

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Anonymous said...

hey guys,

i actually ran across your blog on Off The Map! Somebody there found it and posted it below the article entitled 'Working the Room' or something close to that.

no need to apologize. i have wanted to bulldoze that building and start over for a while now!

see you when you get back.