Monday, July 2, 2007

Tracey's Wedding

Mom and I just returned from Tracey's wedding in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The ceremony took place in a gorgeous glass chapel in the middle of some pine woods by Lake Hamilton. Tracey looked absolutely beautiful in her gown...if you're interested in seeing a few more pics from the wedding, a few on the photographer's blog at: We got to spend some quality time with David and Christine at their new apartment, and I got to eat Flat Noodle at Green Papaya, which was as wonderful as I remembered.

In case you don't know Tracey, she and Christine lived above David and I when we first moved to Dallas. Tracey introduced herself to me and through that connection, David met his lovely wife, Christine. All four of us had the best time together. I recall being a bit confused when David told me he was taking Christine out to lunch. I told him that singling Christine out might cause a problem with our group dynamics, but I guess David knew what he was doing. He and Christine started dating the same time Chris and I did. And Tracey met Jeff a bit later. So now all of us are married, and Chris and I only have one more wedding to attend this summer! Yeah!

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