Monday, July 23, 2007

Hail Hath Fury

We spent a wonderful weekend with Nick & Jenny as our guests. Chris had his long weekend, so we ate at Los Compadres (yum!), and then went on a hike near Truchas, New Mexico. It was one of the prettiest hikes I've been on in N.M, very lush and green and humid. We followed a stream for about 3 miles to two small lakes that were absolutely gorgeous. There is a reason, however, they say to try to make it to the lakes by noon to avoid the mountain showers. Not only did we get showered upon, we were pelted with hail and had to seek cover. Poor Trudy was with us, and our fearless leader throughout the whole hike, dug a hole under a tree and curled up in a little ball and whined. We made it back down the mountain in record time by running. It was bound to happen sometime as Chris and I always get caught in the rain and end up running miles back to the car...I fell and decided to check out what road rash feels like (not good). I got pretty banged up and asked Chris if I could tell people it was a bicycle accident rather than a walking accident. Somehow that doesn't sound quite as goofy. He told me next time I could wear a helmet. Thank you, honey. So very helpful.

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