Wednesday, June 27, 2007


If you've ever come to visit us then you've probably met our sweet girl, Trudy. You've probably also experienced Chris's resignation regarding Trudy and my adoration. Now, granted, Trudy isn't the prettiest dog, but she is, quite possibly, the sweetest. We rescued her from the pound the day we closed on our house. When Chris finally said we could go pick out a dog, I told him I wanted one with a Benji face. That wasn't really his cup of tea. But, I approached her at the pound and her rear end was wiggling so ecstatically that I pointed to her and said, "Chris, look at this one!" He glanced at her, shook his head, and said she was the ugliest dog he'd ever seen. "But, go touch her, look how sweet she is." He wouldn't even look at her again. We left the Humane Society without a dog that day. But I just wouldn't shut up about the "dog with the rear end." The next week, Chris took me back to the pound with the intention of looking again; this time I stayed in the car because I cried for two days after we left for all the poor dogs that needed homes. Chris came out to the car to get me and said, "I found one!" Of course it was our Trudy. On the way home we decided on her name. Chris said that she was so ugly she should be named Gertrude. Gertrude is a big name, so it evolved to Trudy Lou. I have lots of stories about our girl, so beware!

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