Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Story

I had a really great birthday. Rather than tell you how old I am I will tell you a little story:

This morning started out okay. I was peacefully sipping my requisite cup of coffee before taking on any kind of tasks required of a housewife/mother/dog owner. Chris was beside me doing the same. My darling daughter, who has for the past few days been a mama's girl (I don't know what happened to change her from daddy's girl to mama's girl--although I suspect it has something to do with teeth coming in, not because I am the coolest mom ever), was trying to climb into my lap. She hit my arm and my coffee spilled right into my lap. My pj's were rather thin, the coffee was warm.
"It feels like I've peed myself," I told Chris.
"That's probably going to happen a lot now that you are older," he said.

So, yeah, I had a nice birthday. Will he be having a nice birthday in June? Doubt it.


Carrie said...

I can imagine the dead-pan voice he probably used in delivering this line. Probably sounded about the same as when Jacob told me that pregnancy has made me - emotionally at least - a woman for the first time in my life. I say you still have a few good years of continence left. :)

Chris and Jane said...

Why thank you, Carrie. That is awfully sweet of you to say. That made me laugh more than what Chris said.