Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lackluster Blogging

I have a good excuse for not blogging lately:

I'm too tired and too busy (I sound really important don't I? Don't let it fool you). It seems like this whole summer has been busy, busy, busy. And July doesn't look any better. Currently Chris and I have one weekend in July where we don't have something planned. I'm kinda looking forward to that weekend. I enjoy being busy, but most of the busy-ness has been travel. I enjoy traveling, but it is tiring.

Most of the summer has been one fun thing after another, but even with fun perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. I want a fun weekend that doesn't involve packing or unpacking.
Chris and I did manage to sneak out on a date Sunday night for the first time in...well, forever. Since he has every other Friday off, before the summer started, I had grandiose plans of hiring a babysitter for one Friday a month and going mountain biking together. We've done that once. We had lots of plans for fixing up our yard too, for going hiking...guess how much of that we've done? You should come see the wheat field in our yard, by the way. We need a scythe to see over to our neighbor's yard. (Technically, that isn't really true. I just wanted to use the word "scythe" because how often do you get to use a word like that?"

"The best laid plans of mice and men." I think of that often when my plans aren't going the way I, um, planned.

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