Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do I Have An Inner Julia Child?

Haven had a play-date yesterday with 3 of her little friends: Molly, Isaac, and Maddie. While there I sampled my friend Felisa's delicious blueberry coffee-cake. Yum. I told her how good it was, and she informed me that she had milled her own flour to make it. What the heck? This was at the house of my friend, Heidi, who frequently makes and bakes her own bread among other things--she's always cooking. They both have kids Haven's age so I don't even have that as an excuse. I told them they make me look bad. Really bad.

I wonder if Chris knows that women like that exist? Well, he will now when he reads this, but is it possible that when he realizes there are women who mill their own flour that he will decide I need a big hollowed out rock and a nice smooth stone like the Native Americans use so I can grind corn for our tortillas? If you see a dent in his otherwise nicely rounded noggin, you may assume that he decided it was time for me to mill. And, you may assume that we were not on the same page on that one.

I know his mom made alot of their dinners from scratch. And, I'm not talking about making mac and cheese or something. She did complicated things like dinner rolls and scalloped potatoes and meatballs. I know because we ate there alot when I was a kid and I loved those potatoes and dinner rolls. Don't even get me started on those meatballs. Mama Mia!

Chris and I saw that movie, Julie and Julia. The one about the girl who cooks through Julia Child's cookbook in a year. Cute movie. I thought that girl was insane. There is absolutely no part of me that would want to do that. I want to eat it, but cook it? No way.

To sum up and to answer the question I posed in the title of this blog, I can emphatically say, that no, I do not have an inner Julia Child waiting to burst forth at any moment. I do admit to feeling something akin to guilt and shame that my inner Child is probably in more of an embryonic stage rather than about to be birthed. You have my permission to feel sorry for Chris--I frequently do. But, I'm 31. I'm too old to learn new tricks.


Sarah Taylor said...

Guess what? You absolutely DO have an inner Julia Child. I watched Julie and Julia, too - and you definitely do! It might not be in the form of a master chef, but that's what restaurants are for! In the movie, Julia was definitely portrayed as a person who was daring, charismatic, fun to be with, ornery...all traits that you have, as well. So maybe you can't whip up a lamb dish fit to feed a Queen, but who cares? I'd take the fun Jane and a box of carryout any day!

Chris and Jane said...

You're sweet, Sarah. Thanks for making me feel better about my Un-Julia-ish-ness.