Saturday, June 5, 2010

Biker Goddesses...sorta

Well, we didn't quite get 100 miles, but Maren and I did polish up with a solid 75 in today's race. Faerl and Heidi also rode with us and did great as well. It was a super hot day (105 degrees at least) and that put an end to the riding machines that we are (ha!). That and the fact that the organization that was supplying water and food decided to stop putting water and food out for the slower riders (of course I don't mean us...I was just feeling sorry for all those slackers behind us!). In truth, there is no way to finish a 100 mile ride without water and Gatorade so it put a hitch in our getta-long.

We got off to a somewhat late start, then due to poor signage (or rather, no signage) went 10 miles off the route, then I got a flat tire that took about 30 minutes to change because we couldn't get the darn tire off the rim. After Maren very sweetly told one particular biker that he was going the wrong way (because we'd just made the same mistake), he turned around. I asked if we could borrow his muscles for a second to pop the tire off for us. His answer? No. He needed to save his muscles for the next 75 miles. It's probably not very nice of me to hope that he feels guilty about that tonight as he goes to sleep. I'll ask for forgiveness later. Dirty Dog.

Since I burned about a million and a half calories today, I think I'm going to go eat a sleeve of Oreo cookies. Cheers!!


Bryan said...

I hope he feels guilty as he goes to sleep tonight too. He should be ready to help such attractive young women (and you and Faerl too).

Chris and Jane said...

Bryan, I would chose to go to our church based solely on that last comment you left in parenthesis. I laughed so hard.

Carrie said...

Heh. Brian makes me laugh. I so admire you for riding 75 (!!!!) miles on a BIKE! Holy cow! How'd you do that?! I can't imagine riding more than about 2. Seriously impressed. And seriously unimpressed with the guy. Though when I told Jacob the story, he said "well, what do you expect? It is a race." Who knew him to be so cutthroat.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend and a happy bday Chris. And Jane, I have been writing you back lately... so if you haven't gotten my emails, let me know. I've been feeling lately like things are disappearing into an internet void. Maybe they're taking the wrong bike path... :)

Sarah Taylor said...

Jane, I am so proud of you and the girls! 75 miles is amazing, especially in the heat - I wasn't even willing to sit outside in the shade on Saturday! I was hiding inside with the air conditioning - all in the name of caring for the boys, you know.

Don't worry about Bryan. He's just secretly jealous that he didn't get to take part in the spandex-fun!

Chris and Jane said...

Ha, thanks Sarah and Carrie. And, technically it wasn't a race--it wasn't timed. Because if it had been that guy would have been in last place. We passed him on a hill, saw him Finally pull up while we were resting, and then we took off and never saw him again. Ta Dow!