Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here's What's Happening In our Neck of the Woods:

Haven wanted to wear my shirt this morning, so I put it on her. She looked like a little Buddhist monk. Except for the dirty face. I'm pretty sure Monks don't have those.

I took Haven to Los Poblanos farm to buy a gift for someone. They have an area with chickens and goats and pigs. It is so fun. Haven thought the goats were doggies. They're about the same size as Trudy and Sophie. They were really friendly little things and loved having Haven pet them. Here she is trying to feed one a stick. With a chicken looking on. I want a goat. Haven wants a goat. Chris is overruled, once again.

I don't have a picture for proof, but this past Sunday two of my friends and I rode 50 miles in the Santa Fe Century. And, we looked cute doing it, which is key, I think. I actually signed up to ride 25--those are big, hilly roads in Santa Fe--it's intimidating. But, we all succeeded without a hitch. I didn't even get to try out my newly discovered flat-tire changing skills. Thank goodness. Chris taught me how to change a flat before we left. Because he rode the whole 100 miles on Sunday and therefore was not available to come pick us up if we ran into an issue. In a couple of weeks some friends and I are going to attempt 100 miles in the ABQ Century. Wish us luck. My incentive for riding 100 miles? Eating a hamburger at Lumpy's.

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