Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, Chris and I contracted a virus. On our computer. That kept downloading pictures from For free. And, Viagra adds. Classy.
We finally rid ourselves of this very annoying virus that would not allow me to access the Internet. At All. I was more irritated about being completely disconnected from my addiction...ahem, I mean, my email than I was all of the porn.
Right before this happened, I'd read a blog about a woman who felt like she was too connected to media. How she felt that it had taken over her life. How she felt like she needed to be checking her email, her phone, her whatever, every second of the day and how ridiculous it was. I think that's silly. Sure, I had heart palpitations, sweaty palms, and an inability to concentrate, but it was probably just something I ate.

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Sarah Taylor said...

I completely sympathize. I was right there with you (heart palpitations, etc)...just on the other end. My inbox has been depressingly empty for a week! How am I supposed to maintain any sort of satisfying link with the outside world when you are out of commission? I am SO glad you're up and running again!