Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Un-Housekeeper

Haven is learning the fine art of disassembling the house piece by piece by piece. I've learned to wait until about 30 minutes before Chris comes home and then I do a rapid clean up. Otherwise I could spend the whole of the day picking up pots and pans, CDs and DVDs, books, etc. off the floor. This way, Chris thinks that Haven and I exist in a beautiful bubble of tranquility all day long. That our daughter, if ever she makes a mess, knows exactly where things go and how to put them back.


Sarah Taylor said...

It's funny to hear that you do the 30-minutes-ahead-rapid-cleanup as well! I wonder how many moms do the same thing? We definitely do. I just hate for Zach to come home to utter chaos, which is usually the state of things about an hour before he heads home.

Sometimes I wonder if it's a mistake - leading him to believe that there's some sort of "bubble of tranquility" that's even possible. I don't want him to think that I sit on my rear eating bon-bons all day. It's kinda like the story about the guy that gets home and asks his wife what the heck she does all day. Then, the next day when he gets home to a total chaotic disaster and finds his wife laying in bed reading a book, she explains that she hadn't done any of the things that day that she normally did. Hmmm... (It'd be tempting, except that I know Zach has witnessed the two human tornadoes in action enough to know that they require some fairly constant attention in order to avoid utter devastation!)

The Ferguson Family: said...
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The Ferguson Family: said...

Sometimes I can hear the thoughts in Brooks' head as he comes home to total chaos "What did she do all day?" As I think in my head "He better not say a word!!!" Seriously, why even bother somedays.