Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holes & Stuff

We had to call in the big guns for help with our septic issues. The Big Gun would be Allen McKean, Chris's dad. I believe if you told Chris right now that you were about to purchase your first house he would tell you to run screaming in the opposite direction. But, that's just a guess. As I write, he is attempting to cover up the MASSIVE trench he had to dig when he discovered that we had no leach field. If you don't know about septic-y things (lucky you!), and I'm not pretending I do, apparently this is not the best news. So, this was our front yard just a few hours ago: Since, I, fortunately, have the wonderful excuse of a baby to tend to, us girls went swimming. It was Haven's first time in the pool. She really liked it. Which, of course, she would; her mama sometimes wishes she were a fish (a big fish at the top of the food chain).

She's wearing my first bathing suit when I was a baby. I'm wearing a bathing suit that covers as much of my post-baby body as is possible--just in case you were wondering. And for extra measure, I try to wear Haven towards the front just to hide the mess she left behind (she was worth it, I'm just saying).

Sometimes being a girl (except for that whole labor thing) is the best.


Sarah Taylor said...

Oh, whatever, Jane McKean! You made labor look easy. Some girls grunt and groan more just to get into their skinny jeans than you did giving birth to that beautiful girl. And I'm not sure what you're talking about as far as a mess goes. The yard? Yes. Definitely a disaster. But, I have full faith in Chris' abilities to get that repaired ASAP. You, my dear, are not a mess - just a beautiful Momma!

Chris and Jane said...

I sure think you look gorgeous and would have given an arm or leg to have been there with you instead of digging a hole to China.

Love C

Don & Cindy said...

Looks like the "Grand Canyon" to us, a place where the "big fish" find there way up-stream to "spawn".

Since Haven is hiding the evidence, and we have the "septic-y things" done by now, maybe we need to be thinking about another clandestine "fishy" project . . .

Love you both bunches, Don & Cindy!!