Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are a few pics from this weekend. We've been quite busy living at Grandma and Grandpa's house while Chris digs big holes in our yard to fix our septic system. Always a fun job--which is why I'm glad that I have the excuse of a baby to take care of.
While Daddy was working, Mommy was introducing Haven to prunes. Which she liked--perhaps a little too much. We both had to have a bath afterward.

Yesterday we attempted the Lavendar Festival with 4 little ones in tow. I'm not sure I saw much lavendar. Haven wouldn't eat before we left which, of course, resulted in her being hungry as soon as we arrived at the Grower's Market (the first stop on the way to the lavendar fields). So, I spent the majority of my time burning up--it was hot outside--and feeding Haven banana. Next time I think I will enjoy the Festival sans baby.

Haven had a good time trying to hold her friend Isaac's hand though. Daddy wasn't around to stop her from flirting.

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Chris and Jane said...

That is the most gorgeous little monkey I have ever seen. Can't wait to see her tonight. I am a lucky man.