Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taking a Breather

Whew! This has been an incredibly busy week. Last weekend my brother and his wife came up to see Haven for the first time. David tried to teach Haven how to suck her thumb properly. On Sunday we had Haven dedicated at church. I'll have to put up some pics later when I get them because she looked incredibly cute (I might be partial though, but I think that's allowed).

Uncle David

Aunt Christine

We found out on Sunday that my grandpa was in the hospital and not doing well. So, I made a fast, unexpected trip with my mom to Amarillo on Tuesday. She drove about 90 miles an hour and I prayed that Haven and I would make it there alive. His condition has already improved thanks to alot of prayer. Since lots of family came in to help, Haven got to meet a bunch of people. And, we even went to Pampa so she could meet her great grandma there and see her grandma Majaunta and Aunt Hannah.

My Mom's Mom (Nana)

My Dad's Mom (Granny)

Grandma Majaunta and Aunt Hannah


Jacob and Carrie said...

she's getting so big! Please send me a picture that I can open up bigger so that I can see her up close and personal. :)

kellyorkrista said...

This is everynoes favorite cousin Hayden, and I would just like to say that I haven't seen ya'll in forever and would like to get a call if ya'll come into town. Text me 806-282-2198. Love ya'll
P.S Scorpians look tasty