Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hangin' Out

This is Miss Haven, Ginger the Puppy, and Gabe Koger. Haven and I went over to the Koger's house yesterday and much to my pleasure, discovered that they had a new puppy. Ginger curled right up next to Haven. A future veterinarian perhaps? Mommy hopes so! Aren't the three of them just the cutest?
I love puppies! Especially this one...she has a huge tummy like a little cow.


Bryan said...

I'm thinkin' arranged marriage. (I become more in favor of them the older I get).

Sarah Taylor said...

Sorry, Gabe. But Owen already has dibs. He's smitten. They've even swapped spit already. Okay, it was only Owen grabbing Haven's pacifier when she dropped it and popping it into his mouth, but hey. I have to remind Chris about it every chance I get!

Chris and Jane said...

Hey now. Once she leaves the nunnery (when she is 30...make that 35) she will be able to choose any one the potential suitors she wants albeit from a short list I will provide.