Friday, April 10, 2009

My Easter Egg-Headedness

In general, Haven does not care for me changing her clothes. It makes her irratable. But, since she doesn't fit in the majority of her clothing yet, it sometimes takes two or three changes before we settle on something that won't fall off of her.

Easter is upon us and I needed to figure out what she would wear before the actual day arrived, I waited until she was in a mellow mood and proceeded to try on outfits to see what fit. We made it through three before she had enough. Fortunately the 3rd one actually worked, and Haven and I both agreed that it was quite cute on her. I folded it nicely on the dressing table, very happy with our choice.

Unfortunately, Haven's been having some tummy issues, so I made an appointment with the pediatrician. However, at the moment we should be leaving, she decided that she was hungry. And then I remembered that her diaper was dirty and rather than arriving at the doctor's looking like a negligent parent because my baby's bottom was poopy, I chose to change her even though we should be well on our way into town.

We haven't had a diaper incident in quite awhile. I guess we were overdue so she decided to have one while we were running late. And all over her Easter dress. I probably should have seen that coming.


Bryan said...

Hi guys! We hope to see you (meaning your baby) soon. She is so beautiful.

Faerl Marie said...

Well, She could always wear her totally Easter appropriate comgirl boots tomorrow. Even though they don't really fit her feet they would go 2/3 of the way up her legs so she would be warm. Just a suggestion!

I miss ya'll!

Auntie Fae